Who we are

Christian Network Ministries is set up to promote co-operation and partnership working among Christians, at individuals and corporate levels.

We believe Churches, Ministries and Christian organisations should work together to propagate the gospel of our Lord in the spirit of love and mutual understanding at the direction of the Holy Spirit.

The Christian Church is one body with our Lord Jesus Christ as the Head and the Body of Christ operates here on earth under the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit.

All Christians are brothers and sisters related and glued together by the blood of the Saviour, the Great Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ and are sustained by His strength, mercy and grace.

We believe we are save by the blood and the holiness of Jesus Christ alone and NOT by work, good deeds, religion or any set of doctrinal attachment or church affiliation or denomination.

For this reason anyone who truly believes in our Lord and follows His teaching is considered by us to be part of our Family.

We are passionate about our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Christian Network Ministries